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SEO Services with No BS, No Drama, No Excuses, We Let RESULT Speaks!

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We offer all-in-one SEO & digital marketing software for your business.

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Foretec SEO Services – A Result-Oriented Professional SEO in Singapore

SEO Singapore CompanyForetec SEO Services – your trusted SEO Singapore company that unites a team of dynamic SEO professionals, internet marketers, developers and designers who have established more than 15 years of collective experience in search engine optimization, web design & development, content copywriting, etc. We are proud to provide top-notch services to businesses & websites across the globe.

We specialize in catering to small and medium size businesses and establishing long-term relationships with clients that have brilliant products and/or services to offer the world. Foretec focuses on dominated local search terms and optimize for Pay-Per-Click Search Engine Marketing (SEM) campaigns, including building smart websites best suitable to any type of business. We assure to get you a favorable Return on Investment (ROI). Let us deliver you the best options that fit well to your internet marketing plans. Our commitment is to give you full satisfaction to meet your business needs online while mitigating any risk that comes your way.

On-Site SEO Services

  • On-Site SEO Services

  • Title Optimization

  • Keyword-Rich URLs

  • Meta Tag Optimization

  • SEO Content Creation

  • Inter Linking Structure

  • Directory Structure

  • Domain Research/Buying

Off-Site SEO Services

  • Link Building

  • Article Submissions

  • Press Releases

  • Directory Inclusions

  • Profile Creation

  • Content Writing

  • Keyword-Rich Mini Sites

Why Pick Foretec SEO Singapore for SEO Services?

Appearing in top results from search engine will substantially increase your target traffic for more sales yield. more details
Foretec helps your website getting qualified leads, which is highly convertible to sales. more details
Our clients’ websites have already proven increase in numbers of qualified leads, results from smooth sales conversion and customer-centered marketing management. more details

Get Ranked on Google Fast! Guaranteed SEO Services

SEO Services with No BS, No Drama, No Excuses, We Let RESULT Speaks!

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Let’s be honest, more businesses are joining the digital bandwagon and Google is now swamped with over one billion websites and web content that needs to be ranked. Each business is trying hard to get noticed and it can be frustrating if you lack the right tools and skill-sets. That is why you need an expert to take care of your Search Engine Optimization (SEO) problems. You need a 360 degree approach rather than stuffing your website with keywords like everybody else. Luckily, there are enough SEO tools and we know how to use them.

Our team of experts lives and breathes SEO. Having been in the digital space for long enough, we are inclined to understand how search engines operate. We are also well positioned to detect new changes in algorithms and upcoming developments in relevant SEO technology. We not only help you dominate the first page of Google, but we also help you stand out and overshadow your competitors, thus improving your sales graph.


Looking for a house to move into? Google it. Trying to establish when Martin Lurther King was born? ask Wikipedia. Everyone is surfing the internet, looking for products/services to buy and simply seeking information. The internet has turned into a marketplace where everything can be found. Therefore, if you have something to sell, you better be at the marketplace. That’s however, not enough. You need to stand out because the marketplace is overcrowded. With so many people selling products and services online, having a passive presence is a complete waste of time and resources.

In 2019, SEO is not just about having the right keywords. It’s about dominating the search engines through a number of ways. This is because there are rewards. With so many shoppers on the internet, investing in professional SEO services can catapult your business to the next level. SEO is a big part of digital marketing and you don’t want to be left behind.



Why would a random customer walk into your shop while there are many others on the same street? First, because it’s open. Second because you’ve refreshed your stock and third, it’s easily noticeable. Fourth, it’s strategically located and lastly, because other people are walking into the shop too. This is how local search works. Sites with fresh content, constant traffic flow and endless activity are easily noticed and indexed by search engines. The search engines also filter results according to location. If you’re competing with ten other business within your location, you need to apply as many SEO strategies as possible in order to rank higher.

But there is more to it. Your website needs to be free from Google penalties. It also needs to load as fast as possible and the landing page needs to be pleasant and engaging to ensure visitors stick around
for long enough. One more thing; your website needs to speak the language of robots, Yes, web crawling bots have a language and it’s not English. Our SEO Singapore experts can communicate effectively with web crawlers by telling them about content on your website. They do this through a coded language which attracts web crawlers to your site. We have the cheat sheet that will help you move past all the obstacles to the top of search engine pages.


  1. 50% of search queries contain more than 4 words
  2. Voice search has increased by 3400% within the last 10 years thus complicating SEO further
  3. 90.88% of web pages receive no traffic at all
  4. Google receives more that 63,000 queries every second of each day
  5. 61% of marketers across the world have prioritized Search Engine Optimization and aim to increase organic reach as a marketing strategy
  6. By 2020 businesses are likely to allocate over 45% of their marketing budgets to Inbound marketing (SEO) and other digital marketing tools


Local SEO

Local SEO entails beating competitors near you by ensuring you appear at the very top of a Google page when location sensitive queries are submitted. Statistics show that 30% of searches are location sensitive and over 70% of consumers who search for local products and services end up visiting a store nearby.

We are here to help you turn site visitors into store visitors by optimizing your site locally. We guarantee appearance at the very top of search engine pages right above your competitors’ sites.


Technical SEO

You’ve out-shined your competitors locally, but your site is nowhere to be found on the international scene. The essence of establishing a digital presence is to access a world beyond your physical reach. You need to have a wider footprint in order to grow your brand exponentially.

Technical SEO gives you access to the bigger general audience. It differs from local SEO in that you can be found by anyone from any part of the world.

From image optimization to quality back links, we understand perfectly what it takes to set up a noticeable shop on the global village called Google. You only need to trust us with your site and we’ll take care of the rest.



Google my Business

We start with the basics; location, services, website and operating hours. This is all a prospective customer needs to know if they want to make a physical visit to your store, Google my business has proven to be a powerful tool in Local SEO. It shows seriousness and willingness to engage offline. With the many cons setting camp in the online space, having a Google My Business account sets you apart from competitors. You however, need more than a basic account. This is where customers submit reviews and rate your business, We help you manage a reputable online presence by monitoring and responding to reviews, to ensure you enjoy an unmatched rating.

Paid Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

Pay per click can boost your relationship with Google as well as increase your traffic. To compete effectively, you need to be where your competitors are; which is online advertising. Pay per click advertising will push your brand to the first page of Google but you need an expert to ensure you get it right. SEM is a bidding game that involves keywords, bids, landing pages, captivating adverts and calls to action. This game can be unfair if your competitors decide to use your business name as a keyword, thus overshadowing your presence.

Our team will help you stay at the top of the game by conducting necessary research and using relevant tools to ensure your bids yield business.

Schema Markup

To help you grab the attention of search engines, we will code and let them know what they’re staring at on your website, Schema markup is a coded language that can be understood by web crawlers. By allowing us to use this tool on your website, You increase your chances of driving traffic to your website as consumers will receive more relevant data on their front pages.

Google Analytics

We don’t stop at driving traffic to your site, We look at statistics and establish whether we’re making progress. We will monitor your site’s stats and use visitor demographics to re-strategize and strengthen our SEO efforts.

Landing pages

Why would we lead customers to a dirty and disorganized shop. Part of our SEO strategy entails cleaning up web pages to ensure visitors navigate with ease and that they take the right action, which could be emailing, asking for a quotation, making an order of visiting your physical shop. SEO is not just about traffic, it’s about sales.

Local Citation

Directories and listings are gaining momentum and we cannot afford to ignore them. They’re ranking higher than individual websites hence the need to establish presence in such spaces. You may however not have the time to submit your business details to over 100 local listings. Worry not, we will do that for you as well and ensure your Local SEO game is unbeatable. The more you appear in such listings the higher your chances of attracting organic traffic.


Website Audit

Google penalties, broken links, bad landing pages and slow loading are some of the things that can frustrate SEO efforts, An audit will establish problem areas that need to be fixed. We first analyze your site to ensure such obstacles are eliminated before we proceed execute our SEO plans.

Competitor Analysis

SEO means nothing if you’re not aware of what your competition is up to. Competitors are busy spying and monitoring your efforts. We analyze other players in the industry to establish what they’re doing, how they’re doing it and how their efforts affect your business. From there, we can easily create a plan that puts you in the lead.


This is the most important part of our SEO package. Not every tool will work for your business. Some will favor you, while others will be a complete waste of time. We therefore take time to strategize as a team and come up with a unique package tailored to suit your business needs.


We love this stage the most and we’ll enjoy every bit of executing our devised strategy. Our team will set out to work on your brand and by the time we are done, your business will be enjoying it’s 5 seconds of fame at the top page of Google.


We have goals and you need results, We will monitor our SEO efforts to ensure they achieve their intended goals in a timely manner, We use various tools such as link building software and Google Analytics to track traffic growth, customer engagement and search engine indexing.


Finally, at the end of our journey, you’ll get a detailed report of how you got to be at the top. We report according to goals and metrics defined at the initial stages of our engagements, just to ensure your expectations have been fulfilled.


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