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Boulevard 88 Freehold Condo in Singapore.

Boulevard 88 Condo in Singapore

Boulevard 88 is one of the Singapore’s elite freehold developments that’s located within the city’s shopping paradise- Orchard Shopping District. Developed by the renowned international company (City Developments Limited), this Boulevard 88 condo sits on a 25,741 square feet of land with a gross floor area of 108,112 square feet. Boulevard 88 consists of 154 units with 204 hotel-rooms and mix development that gives investors a wide range of options to suit their taste and preferences.

The Boulevard 88 Condo is situated in a serene environment within a prestigious address. Some of the distinctive asset features offered by the development company are exclusive to this area- branding it a class of its own. With Singapore being a major investment and business hotspot for many international companies; Boulevard 88 remains a major target and a reliable option for such companies seeking a share of the international market here in Singapore.

Why foreign companies and investors prefer Singapore

Singapore has one of the most vibrant innovation ecosystems in the world. It prides itself as one of the leading research, innovation and development centers at the heart of the world’s most diverse economic region. Beyond technological advancements, Singapore has a business reputation that resonates around the world in a broad range of industries. On the domestic front and in the hospitality sector; Singapore has a relevant taste for investors from diverse economic backgrounds.

Singapore’s government agencies such as the Info-communications Media Development-Authority and the Economic Development Board are actively supporting and pushing companies in the city to reach higher levels of success as far as business and investment are concern. These agencies are involved directly in equipping different development firms with the necessary resources so as to boost their working culture and meet their goals with bearable challenges.

Singapore’s residential real estate is one of the sectors enjoying a revival on the back of an even stronger economic growth. The luxury end of the real estate market is picking up with new developments such as the Boulevard 88 that offers flexible selling and leasing options for property buyers.

Singapore is a unique and perfect convergence of the West and East. The social make-up consists of American, Asian and European influence making it a friendly, attractive and favorable environment for the international business community.

Singapore is a former British colony. Its financial and legal structures bear some close resemblance to that of the UK and the US. Multinational organizations, international banks, and major financial institutions across the globe have their branches up and running in the country. Such international companies consider these offices as their overseas branches in the Asian market.

How will property owners and investors benefit from the Boulevard 88?

Whether you’re a retail buyer, a buy-to-let investor or a hybrid property buyer; the Boulevard 88 condo development has something for everyone. For the last decade, the Singaporean property and real estate market has seen a boom with a good balance between the property buyers and sellers.
For the retail buyers seeking to purchase a primary residence or corporate housing; the Boulevard 88 development is strategically located with several shopping centers within the neighborhood. Shopping points such as Far East Shopping Centre and the Ion Orchard, are located a trekking distance from the Boulevard 88 Condo. Small families with kids will also enjoy their stay in the classy residential apartments, besides the outdoor recreational hotspots such as the Singapore Botanic Gardens. Other social facilities in close proximity are schools (River Valley Primary School & Raffles Girls Secondary School) and medical facilities.

For the buy-to-let/ buy-to-sell capitalists, good investment opportunities await as more investors both from within and overseas look forward to setting up businesses within the city. Boulevard 88 business apartments can be a good source of revenue once the property value appreciates. In most cases, once the condos are occupied and competition sets in; the lease value of the property increases. Since these developments typically need little to no maintenance cost; they are generally good for long term investment. One genius investment tactic for the buy-to-let buyer is where you buy a section of the condo that has apartments of equal size, design and other architectural qualities. This way, when potential buyers or leasers avail themselves- you are the sole seller, you face no competition and hence you dictate the market.

Hybrid buyers, on the other hand, are the flexible investors who have dynamic decision making and are always open to opportunities. Buyers of this category are go-getters who hold on to a property for as long as they don’t see a profit-making opportunity. If you’re looking forward to buying some of the Boulevard 88 apartments and wait for the property market to sweeten a deal for you; this condo has got you covered. Since the apartments are new and well-decorated; there’s no need for renovations or upgrades even in the near future.

What to expect in Boulevard 88 Singapore

Sitting at the very heart of the Asian economy, Singapore has several factors favoring its growth as a business and innovation hub. The country is breeding innovation and spreading it to its neighborhoods at a price. The country has also been ranked as the best in Asia for protection of intellectual property and now hosts an Asian office for the World-Intellectual Property Office (WIPO). These are just but a few developments that have progressively placed Singapore on the limelight in the international market.

The country’s real estate market has shown resilience, adaptability, and innovation in transforming itself for the past 50-years. Singapore entered the Real estate market much-later in 2002 but the market has grown rapidly. As of June 2015, the market had grown to a whopping $70.35-billion with more than 20 listed REITs and 6 stapled-listed property-trusts. The trend is expected to even double come 2027.

If you’re looking forward to making an investment in the real estate and property market; it’s never too late. Grab the best of opportunities and call to action by giving us a chance to schedule a showroom viewing appointment for you. Call us today and we’ll be ready to guide you as you choose the best of Boulevard 88 apartments to suit your varied investment or residential needs.

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