Common Mistakes People Commit in Pay Per Click Marketing And How To Prevent Them

Pay Per Click Advertising or PPC Marketing as it is also commonly called is an advertising method which helps promote the products and services of a company to a targeted audience or prospective customers by using keywords and phrases. It is coined as Pay Per Click because you as a business person will only get to pay for the advertisement once someone actually clicks on it.

The clicks made by unique visitors lead them to your web page and finally will land them on your site where you can close a deal or sale and then make profits.

There are several Pay Per Click advertising companies available these days but one widely known application is Google Adwords. It is free to join Adwords but it is advisable to learn the fundamentals of PPC first before heading on to Google to register . Ask yourselves the following important questions first:

1. How many prospective customers or buyers are searching for your products or services?

Keyword software applications can effectively aid you to formulate an efficient pay per click online campaign.

2. How much would be the price of your clicks?

Google has a traffic estimator which can help you roughly estimate how much it would costs each time a user clicks on your advertisement. This is so indispensable since you can spend a large sum of money and if it does not suit your budget, you must set up your campaign wisely.

3. Who are my competitors?

It is vital to research on your keywords and phrases and learn about the popup ads which appear on the right hand corner of your search results.These are your competitors. You must read through the first few page results and when you see that an advertisement has been repeated, you have already known all your competitors. If you have found at least 50 results, it’s time to make a reassessment of your keywords and your PPC campaign.

Pay Per Click Advertising Fundamentals: Setting Up Your First Advertisement

After you have come up with the pertinent keywords and phrases you wish to include in your advertising copy, the next step is to create your own advertisement. Google Adwords provides a strict character map which allows 25 keywords for the heading, 35 each for the remaining 2 lines of text, and the URL .

Your headline should draw some attention from your target audience and the first two sentences should evoke curiosity, bring strong emotion, and lead clicks to your site. Each pay per click advertisement you make will then be optimized for specific keywords and should lead users to a relevant web page. After your advertisement has been created, you need to log on your Google Adwords account and simply follow the steps. It is recommended that you start on a low budget for you can change it later on, fill in your billing information and then you’re all set.

You need to track down the results of your pay per click ad. You can tweak them for maximum results or modify your campaign. With these Pay Per Click Advertising Fundamentals, you can immediately start achieving your target audience and traffic and convert these clicks into actual sales. To get the best PPC results, learn from the masters HERE to find out neat tips and tricks that can help your business get off the ground.