Easy to Implement PPC Strategy Tricks for All Entrepreneurs

Organically generated clicks used to be the favored path to bringing in traffic to a website because it’s essentially free. It was beating up the notion of Pay-Per-Click as it equates to expenses so it remained the preferred online defense of many online sellers. Lately though, this has changed. The continuous search engine algorithm changes consistently affect organic behavior and even Facebook has announced that they would start charging for advertising. A decline in organic scope has been seen and because of this, marketers are resorting to more PPC campaigns.

If you think that PPC is all about making your business spend, think again. These 3 tactics will sharpen your PPC marketing know-how and result to revenue surge instead of the other way around.

Landing Pages

Your homepage is a great door to usher visitors in, but this is not always the best landing page that you could provide to PPC searches. Most companies use their home page as their landing page for almost everything. This is a mistake that is commonly committed in the marketing realm- better not join that bandwagon.

Instead, engage your marketing and web development teams to assign and create specific landing pages to targeted customers that offer various information based on what the customer is looking for. Providers such as Unbounce and Instapage create landing pages that fit your needs, if you don’t have a web developer.

Ad Titles

Your PPC Ad title could set you apart from the rest of the online entrepreneurs just by being unique and creative. We all know that Google has specific requirements that they want to see in ad titles, but it also means that you can add specific characters to make you rank better. One example of standing out is by using numerical characters or punctuations. Several marketers did this and tried various numbers and punctuation marks in their ad title and it increased traffic.  We don’t know what these additional characters have to do with the rankings but if many businesses are benefiting from it, why can’t you?


Remarketing is an underrated service that only a few started to take advantage of. Visitors bounce- there is always going to be a number of people that visits your website only to leave without any interaction or purchase. They are lost sales, yes, but only for that particular time. These people that have already visited you could still become buyers if you know how to retarget. It may take a few more visits before they finally pick up your product but as long as they are leaving, they are good remarketing targets. Facebook, Bing and Google offer retargeting services so you just have to pick from them.

Final Thoughts

Whether you are a novice entrepreneur or a seasoned businessperson, these PPC tricks are basic to –do’s that you can implement in your marketing strategies. With a little help from the virtual “classroom” and PPC experts HERE, your site traffic and sales could reach a record high in no time.