Generating Enquiries through Pay-Per-Click

Pay-per-click is an advertising method where a business pays Google for every visitor that clicks its link. This link appears in the Google search results whenever someone searches for something on the engine- where the list of search results appear based on the amount of money the business is willing to pay. The name is as obvious as its meaning, eh?

Opting to do this cost a lot as you can tell, that’s why more companies rely on organic (or natural) search results through high quality and relevant content. But with the right steps and advertisement material,  pay-per-click efforts could actually pay off down the road especially if the main goal is to acquire customer questions that your brand may have sparked interest in.

Your sales, customer service team and website could do the rest of the talking in converting them into buying customers. Starting off your pay-per-click work with the goal of triggering inquiries could help increase your sales opportunities.

Localized Content

Most searches target local establishments especially for brick & mortar needs. Your site content is best having your specific business area so that your rank go up.

Optimized keywords

Spend time finding out the keywords that highlight and drive search results to your business. Once you have this list, use it to when engaging in pay-per-click activities so that your reliability and relevance goes up, which makes Google trust you more. When they see that your keywords do make sense to the searching public, they move you up the ranks and provide discount to your PPC fee.


Since you are aiming for people to engage in a conversation with your team, the landing page that your visitors will see after clicking your link is critical to making them stay and post a question about your product. They expect to see what they are looking for- otherwise they are just going to leave your site. That is lost opportunity that is difficult to revive. The content that you put out, the way it’s laid out on the pages, the responsiveness of the website and its user-friendliness mean everything to the split second that the prospective client will be there. It could make them stay a little longer enough to send an inquiry.

Quality Content

Just like the website piece, the effectiveness of your content matters. You can even already start answering the visitor’s questions through the text, audio and video that you embed on your pages without them going through your customer service line (which is another cost by the way). Having a credible and accessible FAQ page could spark interest and generate inquiries, and without additional effort- if your Q&A is nicely presented and contains the answers to most customer questions- could even convert people into buying customers!

Results Analysis

As in any other business endeavor, measuring the result of your marketing activities could tell you which ads you should keep up, which ones to do away with and how effective your pay-per-click investment is. Look at the ROI and compare with the sales or conversion goals, so you could make an informed decision on how to implement and strategize your pay-per-click plans better.

Final Thoughts

While many people feel that PPC is a daunting and convoluted marketing option, there are many others who blitz their way through it. If you need help from an expert, the guys at can lend a hand. Conquer your online marketing endeavors and get some leads today!