How to Make Display Marketing and PPC Pay Off For You

Nielsen research has shown that display marketing has experienced tremendous growth recently. A report showed that in 2013 the display marketing industry grew by 23%. Online advertising has grown remarkably fast but it only has a 4.5% market share. The industry has shown that it is more effective than what its market share suggests but it is hard to overcome the television advertising giant. However, the industry continues to grow rapidly so the future may look very different in terms of advertising strategies.

Right now it is estimated that only 11% of SME’s are using Pay Per Click or PPC advertising yet 34% say they are interested in it. Therefore there must be something that is stopping more SME’s from getting into display marketing and PPC. Since SME’s have so much to gain from getting into PPC and display marketing, here are just a few tips that can help SME’s incorporate display marketing into their advertising campaigns.

Know Your Audience and Have a Defined Goal

The only way for display marketing to be effective is for it to be very specific. It needs to be geared toward a target prospective customer demographic. If you do not clearly know who your target audience is, then you should spend some time doing the research to find out.

You will save money instead of trying to cut corners with your research and development and send ads to people who are not interested. You will end up wasting time and money on your advertising campaign instead. It may also be beneficial to have clearly defined advertising campaign goals and models in order to have a simple path to follow.

Always Test

Even if you have the best team of researchers and developers, even if you created a clear campaign with your advertising and marketing, it might not work. Advertising is fickle, so you should always test your campaign. Make sure the people you show it to have a positive response and act on common criticisms.

Perhaps the best part about online advertising and PPC is the data you get. You will know who your campaign is working for and who it isn’t. You can test keywords, decide whether static or interactive ads are best and see what designs beat appeal to your audience. With that information you can change or expand your campaign with just a few clicks.

Make use of Stages and Cycles

You should follow cycles in your ad strategy and release your ads in turn. If you put out all the ads in your campaign at once it will not be as effective as if you release them in stages as per your cycles. Use your research to understand the funnel time of your consumers and know their past purchases. The more of this information you have the more personalized you can make your ads. With more personalized ads your calls to action will be much more effective. To find out how to do SEM or PPC right and how to harness its power for your website, visit