How to Save Money on PPC While Still Reaping the Benefits

It is no secret that using Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising can get expensive, especially if you are trying to compete with a larger business. Some businesses can spend thousands every month just trying to get their PPC ads seen. However, much of this money can be saved just by following a few simple tips. These tips are idea for the small business owner who wants to make the most of a small advertising budget.

Target Your Potential Customers

You want to make sure that your pay per click advertising is focused in on something very specific. If you are trying to sell clothing don’t pay to advertise to clothing as a keyword. This keyword is way too broad and the majority of people seeing that ad will not be interested. Therefore you should try for something like women’s dresses so that you will get more clicks while spending less money. The women’s dresses keyword is more specific and less competitive. You will be more likely to reach your potential client since they will be searching for the exact clothing you sell instead of men’s clothing or children’s clothing.

Learn the Right Time to Advertise

Using PPC advertising has the benefit of giving you tons of useful information such as what days and times a user clicks the ad. So at the end of a month or two, stop and take a look at your graphs. See what time of the day your ads gets the most clicks, what days of the week is the ad more popular? You should also be aware of which of these clicks turn into sales. Figure out what times the most clicks turn into sales and that is the time that you should be focusing your money. Boost your advertising for those times and decrease it for times that you were not getting many clicks. This will make the most of your advertising budget.

Advertise to the Right Place

Just like you did with looking at ideal times, you should also look at where your clicks and sales are coming from. With PPC you can see exactly where in the world people are clicking the ad and buying your product. If you simply advertise to every country around the world you could be wasting hundreds of dollars showing your ads to people who are not at all interested.

So keep track of where your buyers are. Once you have a clear idea of who is buying, make sure your ads only show up in those countries and states. It will not only save money but it will be more effective.

Understanding Click-Through Rates

Click-through rates or CTR will be your biggest tool in making the most of your advertising campaign. What a CTR measures is how many people click your ads in comparison with how many people searched for your chosen keyword. When you look at your advertising stats, the CTR will be a percentage for each keyword you are advertising to. A small business should get a 2 – 3% CTR for each keyword.

Use these tips to reduce your spending on PPC while getting more clicks and sales. Get the best tricks from SEM / PPC experts here