A 10-Step Introduction & Guide to SEO IntegrationFor Beginners

ASAP – This has become the main medium of business these days. It has long been aimed for then but never has it been truer until now. Establishing one’s business has gone from impossible to easily achievable these days.

And how does that basically go about? Well, it’s just a matter of proper handling of the digital age resourcing. Online marketing is the considered to be one of the most effective means next to door – to – door advertising because of its ability to connect with its customers on a deeper level.

This is basically what every business is aiming to achieve and it’s now made possible by today’s technology. SEO or Search Engine Optimization is the name of the process.

So, how can a newbie business use SEO to make it work for its favor?

Here are 10 easy steps in getting acquainted with this advanced income generating process:

  1. Familiarize Yourself With The Digital Market And The People In It

One thing every online business entrepreneur should understand is that people’s behavior online greatly differs from their actual behaviors in real life. There’s a reason why it’s called the digital world – because it’s a different world. What’s popular in the actual world isn’t always popular online.


With this, one must be very attentive and aware of every potential competitor’s online existence. In making the decision of venturing into a business, extensive researching is definitely required. Customer reviews should be taken into heavy consideration and it’s a good way of looking up forms of avenues for the business, keying in on what the competitors are lacking.

  1. Highlight The Importance Of Keyword Utilization

Whichever business every entrepreneur would choose to venture in, there’s always a set of unique word associations that would highlight its existence more than regular words. These are called jargons and mastering that extensive and productive list will be one of the most effective ways of expanding the online prominence of the business.

With keyword creation, phrases can also be included. For an instance, the business is a traveling agency and they wish to promote a special offer trip to Istanbul. The keywords used in this can be “Istanbul Low Fare Trip,” “trip to Istanbul,” “Istanbul Budget Trip,” etc.


The key in knowing this is called awareness of the business system. Even if owners would opt to hire SEO professionals, it never hurt to be familiar and understanding of the entirety of the process as well.

Apart from using the obvious word associations of the keyword subject line, there are tools available online that can be utilized for automatic keyword generation, both paid and free. There’s Keyword Planner by Google but it’s only open to those who have AdWords account. Ubbersuggest is also another prolific tool that can be utilized.

  1. Mapp Out A Comprehensive Website Structure

As owners finally get fully acquainted with the words associated with their chosen field of business, the next step is establishing a comprehensive business threshold – building a good website.

A good advice by entrepreneurs who’ve undertaken the steps indicated the use of the hierarchy of keywords in identifying the totality of a website’s overall structure. As keywords are being organized based on their priority levels, such keywords will also be used in the labeling, content creation and organization of the pages in the site.

  1. Build The Website 

All plans and researches that were laid out before has led to this moment – actual website creation. Finding out what pages and what will be its contents are the early stages, what’s next now is making things happen. Here is where the role of aesthetics and intellectual reasoning collide to create a grand medium that would best represent the business – the website.

The most important thing about this step is meeting the preference of the business’ target audience and hitting their interest strong enough that they would be compelled to share its existence.

Both technical and practical aspects should be applied onto this stage because the successful establishment of this stage would define the existence of the business akin to how offices/business buildings would represent their companies. It’s all about acing the impressions in this stage.

  1. Create Standardized, High-quality Content 

The stage is finally set and it’s time for the show to finally roll out. The content of a website is the most crucial part of a business that will make its viewers stay and determine its significance in their lives. For other online marketing schemes, they are all about instantaneous and overriding content that would floor the World Wide Web, announcing its existence. However, keep in mind the simple logic that quality will always exceed quantity.


Adding regular write-ups on websites is an important part that needs to remain consistent and up to date. Reality states, there isn’t really any need to overload the content unless it’s a news – centric site.

The only aspects that such medium should meet are quality, consistency and information that is attention – worthy. Acing that would equate to the possibility of viral contents and that in itself is already a form of passive online marketing.

  1. Establish An Effective Social Media Network

At the beginning of this article, it was highlighted that one of the many reasons why online marketing is effective is because it has the ability to form a first-hand connection with customers. Bridging the gap of customer – business owner has never been more prolific in this digital age and it’s all thanks to free Social Networking Sites.

Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube, Vimeo, MySpace, Tumblr, LinkedIn and so much more. They have paved the way for comprehensive customer support even for small businesses.

  1. Gear Up For Effective Public Relations

Engaging with public relations has always been one of the most prolific ways of introducing and establishing a brand to the masses because it is highly influential in terms of off – page SEO. What’s truly necessary for this part is a punch storyline that will engage other people to consciously and unconsciously market the business.

For this part, it’s all about garnering as much attention as the business is capable of upholding. Establishing partnerships and regular promotions happens here and it will be very a very good publicity for the business.

  1. Use Google Analytics

Google is top search engine known to the World Wide Web nowadays. For most people, when a question comes to mind, all they have to do is type the keywords in the Google search and the best answers will be splayed in the top results for their convenience.


From this simple fact alone, it is very much important for business owners to understand how Google Analytics work. It is known to present data that will be very useful to the business. In the occurrence that those collated data are used appropriately, the business can then be easily recognized by the most reliable search engine known to mankind and that’s basically what SEO is for.

  1. Keep Up With The Latest Updates And Techniques

The possibility of meeting the standards of having results ASAP happened because of the continuous advancement in digital technology. Thus, it is only obvious for business owners to also keep track of the current business trends, especially in terms of online marketing. One of the most effective ways of adhering to this step is by subscribing to a blog/website that presents credible and up to date information in digital marketing.

  1. Understand The Continuous Learning Curve Of The Online Business Process

When it comes to SEO strategizing and marketing, questions and confusions are inevitable. Step number 9 explained that nothing stays constant for this kind of business because advancement is crucial. With this, not everything can easily be understood at one go.

Final Thoughts

Truth of the matter is, there’s really no mastering online marketing rather it’s more on acknowledging every update the surfaces in the internet and adapting it for the betterment expansion and improvement of the business. There is no “Automatic Button” to press so you can earn money online. What you can do is team up with experts like the SEO pros HERE and get your business off the ground now.