Easy Tips for Setting the Stage for 2015 Local SEO

Once again Google has updated their algorithm and therefore the rules have changed for local SEO. The annual Local Search Ranking Factors Survey has just been released by David Mihm. This Survey provides area marketers with greater insight into the ranking factors that have the most influence.

Last year the emphasis was on Google Places and Citations but this year the emphasis has turned toward on-site signals and links as the most influential factors. This switch to traditional web ranking likely means that most local SEOs feel like they were not affected by the new algorithm. However the recent update Pigeon probably feels less noticeable to businesses because they likely had greater authority to begin with and therefore will not be affected by the new update.

The best way to beat the Google algorithm is the same as it has always been, make your sight awesome for the user. It is impossible to completely fool Google, so your best bet is to make your website the type of things users want and the type of site Google wants users to find. So to combine that philosophy with what is known about the new algorithm update, there are two major tips for you.

  1. Make Your Site Amazing
  2. Have Great Links

It may seem simple but it can actually be really hard for a new business or a small business to create this. Most websites repeat the same stuff and it is hard to get qualified inbound links.

So What Does it Take to Be Amazing?

First step: Stop Trying to Fool Google, you will most likely fail and you might end up annoying anyone who visits your site. So put that energy into making your site one that people want to visit.

Second Step: Scope Out the Competition. The best way to get ideas for your site is to see the competition. Look at it as if you were potential customer, what do you want there that isn’t there? What can you make better? Once you have the answers, do it on your site.

There are some general tips that you should know if you are just starting out creating your website.

Make sure you have content on your home page. Most people will decide whether to go further through your site based on the home page, so make sure it’s very informative.

Fill your pages with words. People come to your site for information not to be told to call during business hours. Give as much information to your potential customers as you possibly can through the website.

Don’t use keywords. This is bad all around. Not only is Google over keywords but your potential customers will turn away and never come back if your home page is nothing but keyword filled gibberish.

Local Optimization

Make sure your local optimization is set up perfectly. You don’t want the hard work of creating an awesome sight if Google can’t find your local signals.

Overall the key is simple. Make your site the best it can be for your customers and the ranking and the visitors will come. If you try and fool the search engines you’ll lose Google and your customers. To know more about how to make the most out of your SEO efforts, get more ideas from the experts at https://www.foretec.com/seo-Si0E.