Ranking Apps the Better Way: 7 SEO Tricks

Ranking high in search engines entails the knowledge, expertise, an amazing team and the right budget to get things done for your product. The SEO experts of an organization come together to create what they think is the best tactic to raise their search engine presence with the tools that they earned from training, experience and online resources.

This is true for content and products- but what if we’re talking about applications?  Are they all the same when it comes to SEO planning? In this brief article we implore you to follow these 7 tried and tested steps to ranking applications such as Android, iOS, Blackberry and Samsung Apps in its particular order.

  1. Name Your App-

    Feature your brand in the app that you created. You are hitting two birds with one stone by doing this, as you don’t only introduce your app, you are also telling the public who made it. Keep a short, remarkable name to it as long names could deter potential customers from even reading up on what your app is all about.

  1. Describe Your App The Seo Way

    – illustrate what your app is all about in a brief, meaningful and catchy manner that also utilizes SEO keywords. This not only pushes up your app ranking on the search engine list, it also makes visitors read them. 

  1. Optimize Your App Through Photos And Videos

    – Providing a sneak peek of what your app can do is a surefire way to introduce and educate your customers to it in a very professional and high-end manner. Throw in some high-quality photos as well to really blow away your followers and attract additional visitors and buyers. 

  1. Categorize Your App

    – Search engines categorize the results they will show, so you should therefore categorize appropriately. It helps position your app properly for people specifically looking for your kind of app to find you easily. 

  1. Tag Them-

    Add tags to your app. This increases searchability and clickability. By indicating the words that are associated to your tag, you are letting people find you and search engines rank you better. 

  1. Simplify Your URL

    – the URL of your app could be very long containing characters that may be important for your eCommerce team but unhelpful for your prospects. Display the URL but take out the digits or letters that customers don’t need. 

  1. Get Feedback

    – Invite people to review your app so you could get feedback for app improvements and share them-especially the positive ones- to app shoppers. Many of them rely on user reviews so use these to your advantage.

Final Thoughts

Knowing these simple tricks and incorporating them into your app SEO strategy could boost your app ranking without the need to shell out even more money or expend additional staffing hours that don’t guarantee positive results. The key is to be smarter to get you ahead of the SEO for app race. As you go, you will find even more learnings, take them with you and apply changes that further increase your app reputation.

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