The 4 Secrets That Anyone Using SEO Should Leverage

SEO is SEO is SEO.

It is– shall we call- the bread and butter of many online shops as it helps dictate a website’s ranking in search engine results so companies put in so much time, effort and money to make them work for their campaigns. SEO ranking is everything- or is it? Today we unravel the four pieces of information that Google doesn’t want to reveal to the selling public. Without adding any more funds to the budget that you already allotted for your SEO strategy or spending additional resources to your already stretched SEO team, you could be on top of your SEO game and let Google do the work for you.

Tip 1: Meta tags and descriptions: the real score

Google removed meta tags and descriptions from their ranking principles a long time ago due to some loopholes that scammy sites found and used towards their gain. The legit companies began to discard their meta efforts, thinking that they are no longer useful to their business strategies. What you didn’t know is that while it’s true Google doesn’t use them anymore, these meta texts still appear in bold in the results list when people search for these keywords. The person will then decide which link from the results they will click- which makes them the decision maker instead of Google. Make sure to still incorporate your meta tags as they still yield results.

Tip 2: Quality links are king

While there are many bloggers that could help link to your site, you want to be smart about who you are linking to. The name of the game is quality, not quantity. Comparing 50 links to unknown bloggers and 5 links to famous websites such as Rappler, Buzzfeed and others, you get more return from doing the latter. So before hooking up with hundreds of pages that are unheard of, look for those few but highly-viewed places that you should associate your brand with.

Tip 3: Google+ is your friend

Google + is still a long way from Facebook’s throne in the social media arena but what you didn’t know is that Google uses Google + to strengthen personalized search results which, if enabled, your Google + friends list will appear in your view. Also, Google advertises content depending on your circles list through Google Authorship. So activate that Google + account and personalized search results!

Tip 4:  SEO is not god

At the end of the day, it is truly the customers that you want to win. SEO is a tool that can be used but it is not the end all be all of your search engine powers. Content is still what people yearn for, and that’s what you need to provide. No matter what algorithm or latest rule Google imposes, customers will find you through quality content that leaves a mark in the people’s hearts.

Final Thoughts

See? Google does not have all the upper hand in this SEO business. Your online store’s performance and future does not solely depend on Google and the rules they create. Your product vision, your customers and your plan execution could give you or even exceed the revenue targets you set just by being true to your company principles and doing what’s best for your customers. Find out more about SEO secrets from the industry leaders: Click