The Crucial Role of Verified Back links and SEO

If you are one of those who want to pursue a career in Online Marketing or an experienced professional Web Master, chances are you might have encountered the technical term, “Back link” or “Verified bank links”. For those who are not that knowledgeable about SEO (Search Engine Optimisation), you may have difficulty understanding the concept of back link and how verified back links can greatly impact your website. Back links have played a crucial role for effective SEO performance.

Throughout the entirety of this article, we will make you understand why it is essential that your back links to be set up following the rules of search engines and highlighting the importance of achieving high quality verified back links.

A Deeper Look

Let us first define what a back link is: Back links are defined as inbound links heading to a web page on your site coming from pages of the domain or from the other pages of your own site.

Popular search engines such as Google ranks your website and/or pages based on their popularity which is indicated by the number of back links. Google ranks the pages that contain high quality and relevant links than those possessing low quality links.

Designing or buying high quality back links comprises the main and crucial construction of a good SEO.  When we say “high quality links”, we are referring to verified back links to a website or page that has a high page rating (PR) and occupies a good position on search engines it was featured on.


When a search engine like Google for example decides to measure the overall relevance of a certain website to a keyword and/or phrase entered by a unique user, the numbers of high quality back links as well as inbound links need to be taken into careful consideration.

If the web content of a certain site where your inbound links is found is any way related to the content of your own website, search engines will then consider this to be of high quality.

On the other hand if the contents found on the site where you place the inbound links is not relevant to your web contents, it is of poor quality.

The principal reason you would want good and quality verified back links is for the online promotion of your products and/or services. You must obtain the proper SEO techniques and strategies for search engines to know of your online presence. The design of your website should not be your first priority for visitors would not just view your site unless you catch their attention.

Implementation of good SEO techniques and building up of good back links is vital for online advertising. You can outsource or avail of the services of professional SEO Consultants who possess the necessary technical knowledge and training to perform the back linking for you.

Outsourcing this SEO work can offer you thousands of back links which can be created in just a few days time.

More Tips on How to Nail Verified Backlinks Just Right

Web Masters readily know about the importance of back links in SEO. They are very essential in increasing the ranking of websites found on search engines. They comprise the most vital components of off-page SEO techniques.

If you want to possess optimum advantages from back links to be used in SEO purposes, there are a few factors you must consider to obtain positive result later on:

Always make sure that you have high quality back links heading to your website and pages and these links must contain content which are relevant to the content of your own site. It is also vital to make sure that these websites occupy high page ranks for this will help boost your page rank, too and eventually draw more traffic or visitors to your website.

Implementation of a proper and effective back linking strategy can draw more traffic to your website. The links need to be strategically spread or distributed through these platforms: social bookmarking, different forum sites, blog comments, and article submissions. Netizens who get to read the articles that you submitted to article directories and other websites can click on the embedded links to your website or page.

backlinking for website traffic

Relevant Backlinks

A very essential component of a good SEO back linking is relevance. If your objective is to attain a higher rank in search engines for your particular niche, the back links that you should be obtaining are those related to your contents. Utilizing the appropriate anchor text or keyword and/or phrase is also vital to back linking.

Using anchor text will make it easier for search engines to know about the kind of content that is on the page that it links to and this will greatly impact the position or ranking of your website for that specific keyword and/or phrase.

For effective back linking for SEO purposes, you should not just mainly concentrate on your home page. This is one main mistake committed by a lot of online marketers. They forget to focus on the other inner pages of their website. Search engines would give you better ranking if you provide good and high quality back links for this will also increase the number of relevant pages that you possess.

There are a number of tools made available online for you for an easier creation of back links. You should however be careful in using these tools. Some of them are known to design links by spamming other websites and you can be penalized by search engines. In availing of the services of an SEO Company, you should check and make sure that they are using only certified tools.

Also make sure that your back links are created slowly and organically. This is another vital component of back linking in SEO. It was reported that several websites were already penalized by search engines because they have set up back links so quickly. You will gain indispensable benefits if you strictly follow these useful tips.