Mobile App Development for your Business

In the modern times, mobile app development is gaining high momentum. According to studies, the mobile apps have provided a lot of benefits to businesses in Singapore, not only in terms of saving time, but also when it comes to costs. A lot of business owners hold that the apps have gone a long way in assisting them earn addition revenue and also boost their business productivity. Custom mobile apps can be fully or partially personalized to suit your specific business needs. Mobile app are altered so that they have the ability to address a specific audience instead of giving a solution which caters to a large audience with different business requirements. This is one of the major reasons as to why custom mobile app development has gained traction and has proved to be a great option for many businesses in Singapore.

Benefits of mobile app development

Mobile app development

In the modern times, all types of businesses regardless of the size have now started to take advantage of customized business apps. This is because the apps allow them to remain competitive and enhance productivity. Below are some of the major advantages of mobile app development for your business.

Enhanced efficiency

Since most of the apps developed for business in the modern times are customized, it helps in performing a lot of functions that are associated with your specific business needs. The facts that they are customized offer a lot of benefits to your business because you do not need to have a lot of apps. In addition, custom mobile app development are designed to suit your specific working style. They help boost productivity of your employees and in turn boost your business ROI.

Provides high level availability

Generalized mobile app development allows the creation of apps that are designed to handle limited processes and resources. In case your business is growing and developing, these apps might not be able to deal with the load. However, custom apps are developed keeping in mind all these parameters and it is possible to scale them up when your business grows or when there is a need to. This is the level of flexibility that any business requires to be able to perform optimally and in an efficient manner.

Help secure your mobile app data

In most cases general mobile app development might or might not have the specialized security features. This puts your business data to risk. With a custom app that is made solely for your business can enhance your data security system. This is because the right security measures will be considered according to your specific business needs.

Integrates well with existing business software

Those business applications that are developed in a general way, might fail to function in a smooth manner with your existing business software. Custom mobile app development allows for the creation of apps that are developed putting into consideration all your existing business software and hence are guaranteed to function and integrate well without any mistakes.

Easy to maintain

If you use regular apps for your day to day business operations, you put yourself into high risk at the helm of mobile app development companies that are unknown. In case the app developer makes the decision to discontinue the app for certain reasons, they you will be left to look for a new application and stop your current operations. By developing your own custom business app, you will gain full control and you will not be required to depend on others for anything. With this control, it will be possible for you to increase your business productivity and efficiency in your business.

Mobile apps development

Enhance your business customer relationship

Customized mobile app development gives you a great opportunity to send updates that are personalized related to your products or services to all your existing customers. In addition, it allows you to have easy access to your client details and get feedback. They can be leveraged to ensure that you improve long term customer relationships that will make your business have a strong customer base.

Help in facilitating retrieval of new client data

By adding simple surveys and forms in the custom mobile application will assist you to get the right client details. In addition to being a discreet way of collecting details, it also helps you to save time of employees and clients. This happens because they are not required to submit their documents physically.

Offer real time access to project

At times, you might not be available in your business. However, with mobile app development you do not have to worry anymore because you can still move on with your business activities even when you are travelling. You will be able to have easy access to all your business documents and move on with your tasks. With a customised app for your business, it will be easy for you to synchronize your phone without your desktop and access all your work documents, calendars and tasks. It will also be easy for you to retrieve your business contracts and brochures which can be shared with your business clients.

Ease in management of projects

Custom mobile app development enables the creation of apps that can be installed to keep up real time check on the progress of your projects and deadlines. It will be possible for you to send updates after competing each phase of your project and maintain the billing cycle effectively for each of your project stage.

Record digital files to enhance accountability

For thoughts and ideas that are related to your customer, it is easy for you to capture them on your phone for dictation. It is possible to store these recordings directly in highly secured locations where they can only be retrieved by staff who are authorized. This assists in enhancing accountability and allows you to serve your customers in a better and more efficient manner.

Things to consider in custom mobile app development

Just like when you are developing any other tool to use in your business, it is important that you consider different factors to ensure that you get the best results. The mobile platforms are changing everyday. This is as a result of the market situation and the need for quick turn around. Therefore, it is important to make sure that the app solutions developed for your business are well thought of. Below are some of the major factors that you must put into consideration during the mobile app development process.

Mobile application development

Faster time to the target market

You need to come up with a custom mobile app that is cost effective. You do not have to spend a lot of your business money developing the app. It should also be developed within a very quick turn around time, so that it goes to the market quickly. This will not only help in saving time, but also make your business move faster into the target market.

Enhanced efficiency

The custom mobile app that you develop in your business requires to be tweaked and corrected to allow for more efficiency. This ensures that the final solution is more effective and leads to distinct improvement on how your business operates and its productivity too.

Several network compatibility

When doing the custom mobile app development, you need to come up with an app that is tested for several operators and make sure that your app works in different networks not only in Singapore, but also in other countries.

Data security

Most of the apps are developed for more than one user. This means that it is supposed to provide strong authentication and allow secure access to your data. You will have peace of mind knowing that all your date is secure and it is also not possible for your business competitors to access them.

Battery life

The mobile app requires to be tested for the effects that it has on the battery life. This is necessary because there are apps that can drain out your battery fast. You should make sure that you do not have such an app because it will inconvenience you a lot when using it because of the low battery life. Such apps are also not liked by many users, so you should also avoid them.

Impressive UX/UI

As you do the mobile app development, you have to make sure that you create one that has an attractive user interface. In addition to this, it should offer you a great user experience to your business customers.

High level data synchronization

You need to come up with a mobile app with the ability to synchronize data with the server on a regular basis. This should also come with a suitable frequency.

Should have a streamlined communication channel

The right communication channel must be defined for your mobile app such as WAP, messaging and others.

Mobile app development trends

The custom mobile app development field has experienced tremendous growth with high number of people changing towards use of smartphones. Below are some of the latest trends in customized mobile app development.

mobile app development Singapore

Responsive designs

One of the trends is the increased use of responsive designs for mobile applications. This is a rising trend as more and more people look to have mobile apps that can function well in different types of platforms. More and more people highly appreciate mobile apps with responsive designs because they can access whatever they want regardless of the platform they use.

Cloud based ups

Cloud computing is the latest trend in the computing industry. This is the same case when it comes to mobile applications whereby cloud based apps are more preferred because less amount of data require to be stored locally on the phone.

Social media integration

In the recent years, there has been an increase in the use of different social media platforms. Some of the most popular social media platforms used today includes twitter, facebook, instagram and others. This means that for you to get the best results, you should also have a mobile application with social media application to allow more users.

Internet of things

Internet of things also referred as IOT is also one of the latest trend. It comes with the ability to have control of various devices and home appliances using a mobile application.

Wearable and beacon technology

Wearable technology is also gaining pace in the modern times. This has been enhanced by the increase in the level of awareness for fitness and health issues in the modern times. There is also beacon technology that is increasingly being implemented in the different mobile applications.

Payment gateways and near field communications

This is another trend that has made it possible for people to make cashless purchases at stores. It also makes it possible for people to make online payments on different e-commerce websites. Near field communication is also increasingly used today specially for undertaking app payments.

App analytics and big data

Big data and app analytics is a one of the fastest growing field in the data analytics section as it helps to improve user experience.

How to get the best mobile app development expert

In order to make sure that you get the best results during the mobile app development, it is good to work with professional mobile app developers. This is especially if you do not have the right knowledge and skills on how to perform high quality mobile app development. There are many app developers in the modern days, so getting one to work with should not be a major issue.

However, it is important that you only hire a mobile app development professional that has more experience in this field. It is also important that you work with one that has a good name among other clients in the market for providing high quality mobile app development services. The best way to understand this is to ask for recommendations from other clients or read the different online reviews provided in different sites. In addition, you should also work with an expert who will charge you an amount that is affordable and fits your budget.

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