My Honest Review of Ewen Chia

Who Is Ewen Chia & Why I am Writing A Review of Ewen Chia?

First of all, if you don’t know who he is, in short, he is now a coach to thousands of students from many countries, teaching people how to start their own simple business online, exactly the same main concept or business model he uses (even today) to build up his online business empire. Ewen Chia also having his own digital products online, most of them selling at range of $27 to $67 as the front end products. I can’t talk too much about his digital products as I didn’t really bought any of them yet. I only attended to his 2 days coaching program, and get to know Ewen personally through his coaching.

Now, why do I posting this review about Ewen Chia? For 2 reasons, firstly, he deserves it, secondly, I want to clear the myths that how other people, who don’t know him personally, perceived him just based on his digital product’s “sales letter”, in which people think it’s just too pushy, sounds scammy, bragging too much, full of hype, etc, and then forget about the value it has delivered. Whose sales letter doesn’t sound salesy? If it doesn’t, we won’t call it a… “sales letter”, right?

So Who Exactly is Ewen Chia Then?

After knowing him at the personal level, seriously, he is a drop dead humble marketer & also as a coach. He don’t see himself as a very “high up” type of Internet marketer that you guys is just nothing to him, or at least he didn’t act like one. You know what I mean right? In my life of Internet marketing journey, I certainly have met many so-called “guru”, some are great, but many are just too “acting” type & damn arrogant. Well, I regret to say that this is something Ewen is missing.

How Generous is Ewen Chia When Sharing His Secrets?

During his coaching, he really shared almost all of what he knows, some of the things many experienced marketers (well, including myself) will deem it as “Not Supposed To Be Shared to Public”, he just shared it all, even some valuable golden nuggets were shared during his “almost” a free seminar he last have, called “Internet Business Live 3”, co-chaired with Patric Chan (another great & humble marketer from Penang, Malaysia).

What Exactly His Coaching Program is?

The last coaching program I attended to was about 5 years back, but what I do know is, the concept or “business model” is still the same, because this is the only “evergreen” model that many successful internet marketer use, called “list building”. I think the only difference his current coaching program is, how to make use of latest technology and marketing strategies to support and enhance the business model.

Who Is Suitable For Ewen Chia’s Coaching Program?

To what I think, it is designed for all, as no matter how experienced you are, you will pick up some golden nuggets here and there, even if you are really good in list building. Sometimes with that simple strategy you pick up can fast track your entire business. Well, for newbies, I mean really new to Internet Marketing, this is 110% for you, because this is a simple business model that anyone can implement and see the success. If you are experienced, I suggest you should pay to attend too, because this is how you can get to know him at the personal level, and ask him the right questions, you will be surprised what he going to shared with you at a very personal level.

Final Words

If you are considering whether or not his coaching program work for you, I can confidently say that it will, because it works for many of his students, it works for me & my clients, and the most importantly, it works for himself, it’s the same concept he is using to build his Internet business empire for many years. Today, I notice that he even has some softwares for you, and even a “done-for-you” features integrated into his coaching program, so I think it’s hard for you to fail, unless you really don’t want to do anything, or just give up too early.

All the above is from my personal point of view, and my personal humble review of Ewen Chia, some of you may not agree with me, but if this is the case, I challenge you to try to get to know him personally first, you will know what I meant above, don’t ever judge a book by its cover. 🙂